Both patrimonial and critical, generalist and theoretical, international and interdisciplinary, our collection currently reflects the historical investigations of the social and human sciences, while supporting the most up-to-date research focus areas.

Our documentation policy was essentially focused mainly on sociology and history, with the Annales School as a starting point. Now, it has expanded to encompass supporting themes (e.g. philosophy, political science, linguistics, economics), specific fonds and collections (gender studies, the self-management fonds), and since 2010, researchers’ archives managed within the Library.

Our readers are closely associated with the acquisition policy, contributing generously to it, sometimes even donating their own private libraries.

New acquisitions are frequently publicised in thematic acquisition lists, and partially available in open access in the reading room.

Blog posts on the archives blog, thematic presentation stands focused on the latest research news, as well as online bibliographies all enhance the value of this abundant collection.

Our collection in figures:

Print collection:

  • 190,000 books
  • 9,000 periodical collections, including 600 in-print titles
  • 7,000 reference documents

Digital collection:

  • 5,000 periodicals
  • 2,900 ebooks
  • 500 reference tools

4,000 to 5,000 new acquisitions per year