Consult the archives

Document communicability

The archive documents indicated in the Nabû search engine can usually be consulted by the general public, unless indicated otherwise in the search tools.

Some documents may not be consultable due to their poor physical condition.


Consultation venue

You can only consult documents, by appointment only, in the Library. You must have a valid registration before consulting documents. After validation of the consultation request, allow 48 hours before the archives are made available in the reading room.

Archive materials cannot be taken outside the reading room, even temporarily.

While consulting the archives, only pencils and laptops are allowed for taking notes at the reading tables. It is prohibited to make any notes on a document, to make any marks or annotations, or to make any tracings of documents.

Readers must make sure that the documents communicated to them do not suffer any damages, deterioration or alteration through their actions or negligence. Documents in files must be kept in order.


Copying and diffusing archive materials

Photocopying some documents is possible only in the context of private copying.

For all document usage, the source must be indicated must be indicated as follows: FMSH Archives, name of the archive collection, followed by the reference number.