Nabû is the search engine for the FMSH archive collections that are stored and managed in the library.

Nabû lets you search the inventories and directories of archive collections (historical and/or scientific). You will find the reference numbers for documents that are consultable in the reading room, and you can read digitised archives online.



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In the search bar above, click the "Nabû" tab, then type your search query and click the magnifying glass.


Go to the Nabû home page to run an advanced search: Enter one or more search terms in the first search bar, then refine your results by using the filters on the left-hand side of the screen. The date selection graphic and map allow you to filter the description notices for archive contents. Comment and sharing features (for and Twitter) are available in the detailed description notices.


Notices are more or less detailed depending on the status of processing each archive collection. See the collections status.